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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOLgislation #025: Say Hello to the 40oz

FL Senate 2010: SB 2062
By Senator Dave Aronberg (D, Palm Beach-Glades)

Alright, Aronberg. You're young, liberal, and you've been a busy little bee. (No relation to SB 2376 - Relating to Honey.)

A bill to be entitled                    

An act relating to malt beverages; amending s. 561.221, F.S.; removing a provision limiting a vendor that brews malt beverages to the sale of the beverage to consumers only for consumption on the premises of the vendor or on a contiguous premises owned by the vendor; amending s. 563.06, F.S.; removing a provision limiting the size of individual containers of malt beverages which may be sold or offered for sale by vendors at retail; providing an effective date of July 1, 2010.
(s. 563.06) All malt beverages packaged in individual containers sold or offered for sale by vendors at retail in this state shall be in individual containers of any size. containing no more than 32 ounces of such malt beverages; provided, however, that nothing contained in This section does not shall affect malt beverages packaged in bulk or in kegs or in barrels or in any individual container containing 1 gallon or more of such malt beverage regardless of individual container type.

All the kids up in Tally can stop crossing the state line into Georgia for their 40oz malt guffaws. Sublime's 40oz to Freedom is no longer a lie in our great state! Regulations on malt brews have been in place since way before I drank my first and only quart of blue St. Ides when I was 13 and newly attempting to do the things the normal people seemed to be doing. (In Aronberg's SoFl district, btw.)


  1. I guess doubling up with two 32 oz'ers doesn't have the same cachet as pounding down a 40.

  2. Every college guy's "quart night" with the fellas just got a little bit manlier.

  3. my roommates at Parker loved to play "edward 40oz" where they would tape a 40oz beer to each hand forcing them to do nothing but finish them quickly. It looked fun accept those things never came in anything decent. Maybe Yeungling will make a 40oz specifically for Orlando...